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Madonna has made headlines and been the topic of water cooler conversations around the country in the last few days.  Last week, when she wanted to brag about her son’s boxing skills, the 55-year-old singer posted a picture of him boxing and included in the message was the n-word.

Madonna Uses The N-Word & Sparks Social Media Controversy

The net blew up blasting Madonna for using the word. She later apologized.

I am confused though.

First, why are we mad that she called HER SON the n-word?

Second, why are we still allowing this word to hold us hostage?

Over the weekend I had a debate about the n-word with a college friend via Facebook.

I posted a note with a link to a blog post about Kanye West being a social justice fighter.

Oh No! Madonna Causes Disturbance By Texting During ’12 Years a Slave’ Screening

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