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baby_hands-1024x726 Before you get in an uproar I am not saying one is being greedy by requesting child support. I am talking about those who request ridiculous amounts of money to care for their child. Legendary Hip Hop DJ, Funk Master Flex is in battle right now with his ex over child support. He currently pays $4,000 a month and the mother of his 12-year-old son wants an increase, making it $5,000 a month. The increase is to fund his son’s tutoring, swim team, camp and private school.By the way ,the camp is $8,000. The mother’s argument is that the child deserves the same lifestyle as his father. Well I ask , if your parent work and buy themselves a BMW as they care of you does that mean when you are of age do you get a BMW or should you be fine with a nice reliable used car??? Think about it. Yes Flex makes close to $400,000 a year, but does that mean that his baby mother should be able to request crazy amounts of money for over priced extra curricular activities? I know this is a celebrity we are talking about but I see it quite often around the way. What are your thoughts on this….let us know. Read more on Flex case right here.

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