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The Game Zimmerman

Welp that reversal of opinion took all of about 2 seconds! As we previously reported, George Zimmerman…the guy notorious for killing teenager Trayvon Martin has been asked to box in a celebrity boxing match and rapper The Game stepped up almost immediately to fight him.

Well, as The Game was accepting the challenge and throwing his name into the mix, word came from the promoter that Zimmerman was interested in fighting rapper DMX.  Which sent a whole new level of craziness into the atmosphere because DMX literally came out and said he would “break every rule in boxing” if he got to fight Zimmerman! And that was the MILD end of what he had to say about it!

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In an interview with, the promoter, Damon Feldman, who has 55 celebrity boxing matches under his belt via his Celebrity Boxing Federation (CBF) now says that,

“He [George Zimmerman] is open to any challengers that make sense, but he is training hard and he said ‘Game is the perfect opponent.’”

The Game said that he would be fighting George Zimmerman for Trayvon Martin’s legacy and to

“Show him you can solve your disputes without a weapon.”

Which sounds a lot less threatening than what DMX had to say (No really…you should go read that story next!) about what he would do to Zimmerman if he got in the ring. But that is only until you remember that we are talking about THE GAME…who has been known to throw a pretty serious punch! (Which we all know is an understatement but apparently George Zimmerman doesn’t understand how to use GOOGLE to find this out on his own…so we’ll just keep that among ourselves!)

Feldman told that Zimmerman has definitely signed his contract, but so far despite the bravado and boasting from both Game and DMX, neither has officially signed any document binding them to the boxing match.

Says Feldman,

“Zimmerman is signed now If anyone still wants the shot at it, you can email”

We still wonder if the phones of Money Mayweather or Tyson  have been ringing….hell even Laila Ali would be good as far as we’re concerned!

But it seems as though The Game might just be the guy! Stay Tuned!


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