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LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling has started a new national conversation about race and racism in our country. Everyone from President Obama to the man on the corner are talking about comments Sterling made during a private conversation to woman said to be his girlfriend. Even Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan, who typically doesn’t speak about politics and race, has joined the conversation. Many major sponsors of the team, including Kia, State Farm, Virgin America and CarMax, have left the Clippers ship. Retired players, current players and even the coach Doc Rivers have all publicly addressed the issue. The LA Clippers current basketball team still hasn’t mummed a word (though I guess we can give them credit for the silent protest before Sunday’s game). Their silence is begging the question, do they know they are no longer slaves? They don’t have to hold their tongue (though being tactful in response would be great) regarding the situation. I believe we all understand what’s at stake for them, but in the end, we can’t allow people to speak to us as if we were slaves – and continue to help them make money.

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