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Every MC dreams of getting a hit, but not quite like this.

“If I get hit with all these eyes out here…” Skyzoo says almost challenging the myriad of cars speeding down this Brooklyn street on a Saturday night.  “I got hit by a fire truck stealing from the store,” his partner in rhyme Torae counters with a tale of Coney Island mischief. “The corner store had the chips by the door and me and my man said we’d get a hug full of chips and run out. I came out with all the chips, I’m running, but as soon as I set foot in the street…bam!”  Laughter echoes off of the brick walls as his stocky, running back frame pantomimes his collision with one of New York’s Bravest.

It’s one of those classic growing up in the hood moments that you kind of just understand if you grew up there. If you don’t get the joke that’s part of the appeal. You kind of have to be there.

Nevertheless, it’s that feeling that the two MCs are looking to capture in the video for their next single, “The Aura,” a gem from their collaborative album, “Barrel Brothers” dropping on May 27th. The gritty track is produced by DJ Premier and Philly’s Antman Wonder and tonight Director Chris Wilkes is navigating the dark and dingy BK streets to capture said aura and went along for the ride.




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