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A petition has been started against EURweb writer Cory A. Haywood, for his Nov. 3 misogynist, racist rant against Black women entitled, “The Black Hat: Hey Sister, Feel Free To Pursue White Men, They Don’t Want You Anyway.”

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I won’t link to it because it is a clear click-grab meant to incite, belittle and silence Black women who took offense to his  Aug. 7 ignorant article entitled, “The Black Hat: Hey Sisters, Are White Women Stealing From Your Playbook?”

In that article Haywood had this to say:

Sisters, I realize this may be a touchy subject for many of you. However, my reason for writing this piece is not because I prefer cream over chocolate. It’s quite the contrary, actually. In fact, I’ve been humping black girls since the age of two and I’m never turning back. The truth is that I have the utmost respect for black women (well, most of ya’ll anyway). That’s why I have made it my life’s work to expose your flaws by any means necessary. Just think of it as tough love.

Like moths to flame, white girls are crowding tanning saloons, paying thousands of dollars for ass and lip injections, and replicating the finger-waving, eye-rolling, neck jerking, and sass-mouthing they see on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” (I’m not saying all black women demonstrate this behavior. But a lot of ya’ll do, tell the truth and shame the devil).

I know, I know. But hold on, it gets worse.

Haywood then shares his “wisdom,” explaining that White women have out-Blacked Black women, leading to an increase in “miscegenation” and an influx of multi-racial women who push sisters even further to the back of the bus.

Apparently, after Black women protested in the comment section, Haywood got all into his feelings and stopped talking about how often he “humps” Black women long enough to to tell them how no men of other races, nationalities or ethnicities would ever want them:

“…you’ve pushed me entirely too far; my patience for your Kentucky-fried ignorance has officially worn crackhead thin. Now, it’s time for all you witches to pay the piper. Apparently, the lot of you aren’t pleased with my piece on interracial dating, “Hey Sisters, Are White Women Stealing From Your Playbook?”

Let me, first, address the scathing, “ratchet” comments many of you thought tasteful to leave. (Ahem) “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but white men will never, ever, have you.” Asians wont either, nor will Hispanics, Native Americans, Middle-Easterners, or any self-respecting adult male who comes to know you. That’s right sisters, aside from cultural restraint, your rancid demeanor is critical in why they’ll never bring you home to mama or acquaint you with close friends and co-workers; and don’t even dream about walking down the aisle. That crusty, dusty, rusty little finger of yours aint worth it (to them).”

The rest of the article is typical misogynoir fare. In his obvious attempts to be emotionally exploitative, Haywood throws out every racist stereotype and statistic in order to shame Black women. He even wrote (probably while laughing maniacally because he can’t be serious) that “many” Black men are non-wealthy, unemployed cheaters, but Black women should reinforce them, not “abandon” them.


But like most (verbally) abusive men, he’s only saying these things because he loves sisters and would never “hump” anyone else. (Cue your gratitude, ladies. The man who just spewed toxic filth about Black women would probably still “hump” you, so keep hope alive.)

This is where the petition comes in. Latonia Weathers of Maryland is asking that Haywood be investigated because his obvious hatred of Black women could lead to violence. I don’t know Haywood, so can’t speak to his violent tendencies, but I can speak to his weakness.

Only a weak (Black) man treats Black women as unwanted and unlovable simply to cure his own emasculation. Only a weak (Black) man engages in shaming/possessive tactics against Black women (i.e., it doesn’t matter how I treat you, no one will care because no one else wants you).

Domestic violence culture is real. Rape culture is real.

And only a weak (Black) man thinks that attacking Black women is a revolutionary act.

Shame, shame, shame on EURweb for posting, and by doing so, supporting Haywood’s bile on a site that is allegedly for Black entertainment and empowerment.

If you were out to prove that #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen, your point is well taken.

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