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Paula Deen Faces Backlash For Ad On Her Website Featuring Black Woman As Restaurant Worker

Formerly popular chef Paula Deen is back in the hot seat after a few Facebookers took noticed of an image on her website that they found offensive. The image, depicted above, features a black woman dressed in a t-shirt and an apron who appears to be outside of the restaurant summoning customers to come inside. According to , a Facebook group has recently taken issue with the ad, which they say has “racist undertones.” The group reportedly goes on to accuse Paula Deen of wishing for the days when black women were no more than “non-threatening servants.

A spokesperson for the website later addressed the backlash, stating that the photo has been in circulation on the website for 5 years while also insisting that the woman in the photo has been employed with the restaurant for over a decade and is “like family” to Paula Deen.