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Brian Dawson interviews President Barack Obama on Radio One’s K97.5!

Tune into WRAL TV 5 this evening as they go behind the scenes at the Radio One Raleigh studios filming Brian Dawson’s interview with the President of the United States of America!

Barack Obama started their conversation wishing everyone a happy holidays and even shared that North Carolina is one of his favorite states.

“First of all, I want to wish everybody a happy holidays. I want to say hello to everybody in North Carolina because it is one of my favorite states. The people down there are just wonderful!”

President Obama then went onto address healthcare, encouraging everyone to sign up for “good quality coverage at an affordable price” now at, the enrollment deadline being February 15th. He also urges those who signed up last year to also go on the site to see if you may have an opportunity to save some money.

“Seven out of ten folks will save some money!”

If you have questions and would prefer to sign up face to face, the President has set up an event on Monday to do so. Listen to the interview below for details.

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President urges young people to also make sure they are set up with healthcare coverage. Insisting,

“Young people generally think they are invulnerable. I can’t tell you how many letters I have got from people who just signed up because their mom had been nagging them. When they actually got a check up for the first time in five years or ten years turned out there was something pretty serious that was curable but if had they hadn’t caught it early enough it could have been a real problem. And you just don’t know what life brings you. For a modest price having that peace of mind is really worth while.

Brian Dawson couldn’t let the President off the line without asking a couple sports questions pertaining to UNC, NCCU and Duke. Find out who the President is rooting for and which player he has to give special props to! Wondering about the President’s game, he hilariously tells Brian:

“My game is BROKE!”

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