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Gabrielle Union might be one of the smartest comedic actresses around, but Hollywood doesn’t want her sharp wit.

The actress has charmed celebs and audiences alike with her sense of humor. She’s great with one-liners and sharing hilarious stories. Did we mention all the chuckles we got over the shade she threw whenever someone would ask who she’s inviting to her wedding.

Gabrielle can make people laugh. Even, so Chris Rock was really impressed with how funny Gabrielle was while they were filming “Top Five.” She was cast to play a fabulous reality star that’s thirsty for the spotlight. Between scenes, though, she apparently had the leading man cracking up.

“People don’t realize that Gab Union is one of the funniest people out there…she’s like ‘Tiny Fey funny,’” Chris told Angie Martinez during an interview on Power 105.1. “With the right parts she could do something big, and turn around and play Rosa Parks.”

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Unfortunately, Gabrielle believes that getting the opportunity to showcase her smart sense of humor is tougher than it sounds. It’s not just a personal struggle. She believes that Hollywood just isn’t looking for Black women that can dish up high-brow humor.

“There’s not a lot of smart comedies where they want a black woman. They want us shucking and jivin’ and cooning, that’s where they’re most comfortable having a black woman,” Gabrielle later explained to Angie.

According to her, Hollywood has a few go-to actresses when it’s looking for a witty leading woman–none of which are in any danger of failing the paper bag test.

“So to get a role like Tina Fey, smart, edgy, more cerebral humor…no, they’re going to get Tiny Fey. They’re going to get Amy Poehler, they going to get Rashida Jones…that crew,” She added, mentioning that she might have found an in to the elusive set. “So I just got to get invited to Judd Apatow’s house, and I feel like once I get in there hopefully I’ll make myself at home.”

Not to discount Gabrielle’s argument, but it is worth pointing out that Rashida Jones is a Black woman. Most people may not identify her as such, but the legendary producer Quincy Jones is her dad. So…that just needed to be pointed out because people tend to forget that.


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