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ABC's "Black-ish" - Season One


Before their Valentine’s Day date even began, Bow and Dre got into it.  Not only did he insult her outfit, she became annoyed with him saying “ValentiMe’s Day.”

Dre failed to make reservations at the swanky restaurant he hadn’t actually planned to take Bow to in the first place, then paid the maitre d’ to get them in.  Naturally, they got a less than prime table, and it took so long for Dre to decide what he wanted to order that the kitchen ran our of short rib, which is what Bow had her heart set on.

Andre, Jr and Zoey tried to help Diane learn how to give a compliment and be nicer, but she didn’t seem to catch on too well.

Andre and a group of men gathered in the men’s room and commiserated over all the ways they’ve ruined special moments for their wives.  Meanwhile, Bow complained to the couple at the table next to hers—literally, right next to them, because there were no more tables—and Bow wound up eating the lady’s entire short rib.

Bow totally ruined Dre’s plan to be the hero, rise above, apologize, and get “special sex” by apologizing to him first.  Dre took it too far and insisted she apologize for a slew of past transgressions, which just started the war all over.

Zoey, Jack, and Andre, Jr. put Diane to the test when the pizza delivery man came by.  Somehow, she managed not to insult him, but she didn’t feel right not cracking on him.

Bow and Dre had a massive blow out at the restaurant.  By the time they got home, they had made up and decided that ValentiMe’s Day was their “fight night.”

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