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Photo of Malcolm X

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February 21, 2015 marks the 50-year anniversary of Malcolm X’s assassination in Harlem’s Audubon Ballroom. As part of NewsOne Now’s commemorative podcast, Roland Martin was joined by a number of guests who weighed in on Malcolm X’s influence before and after his death.

Among the many to offer commentary was photographer and close Malcolm X associate Earl Grant. Grant is responsible for many of the existing photographs of Malcolm X, and during the podcast, Grant revealed some interesting details about that fateful day in Harlem. Grant said Malcolm X took the unusual step of sending him out to make a phone call, which was a duty traditionally handled by the secretaries. Grant added that it was only after the assassination that he understood the purpose of being sent out of the Ballroom.

“Now I understand what he was doing,” Grant said. “He was getting me out of there because ordinarily, while he was speaking, I’d be standing right in front of him down on the main floor. I would’ve had my back to the crowd when the shooting started. I’m here today because he saw to it that I didn’t get killed that day.”

The full podcast includes commentary from Dick Gregory, Peter Bailey, Chuck D, and others. You can listen to and download the full podcast free of charge at


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