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Ciara has finally opened up about her broken engagement to Future while promoting her new album “Jackie.”

The siren dropped by “The Breakfast Club” today, where the crew couldn’t wait to tell her how much they love her latest hit “I Bet.” Host Angela Yee even shared how much her recently single friend could identify with the song. That’s definitely what Ciara was going for because some

“That song is for every girl, and even some guys in the world,” she said. “We’ve all been there. We’ve all had experience–maybe a few experiences–where you’re like, ‘I bet you start loving me when I keep it moving.’”

She continued, “I think it’s a song for everyone.”

Preach, Cici! Who knows how many times we’ve all sat around with friends trying to get over someone who wasn’t interested in committing no matter how amazing you are to them.

While, the song could be for anyone Ciara clearly wrote it for her ex-fiance Future. After delivering a song like “I Bet,” it seems like she’s gotten out all of her aggression. She didn’t have one angry word to say about him when DJ Envy asked about what went wrong between them.

“It clearly didn’t work out, but I have the greatest gift. The greatest joy of my life is my son,” Ciara said in an attempt to deflect the drama. “Honestly, I feel like everything in life happens for a reason, and my son has been the greatest gift that God has given me in my life.”

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Not satisfied with that answer, Envy kept digging for an answer about why Ciara’s relationship with the rapper fell apart. She wasn’t about to be baited. “I can’t really break all that down because I don’t think it really matters to tell you the truth–especially with an ending as great as it is with my son,” Ciara said.

The singer noted that she really likes to keep things light in her life, and that means not harboring negative feelings. Besides, if there is anyone she needs to get along with, it’s Future because they have a son to raise even if they are no longer together.

“We have a child together, and I think as a parent it’s important to communicate,” she said. “We don’t talk every day. We don’t need to. My son is clearly the connection between he and I.”

Now that she’s over Future, Ciara believes that she is better equipped for her next relationship. “I definitely know a lot things that I don’t want, and I’m clear about recognizing them when I see them. And I know a lot of the things that I do want,” she asserted. “I won’t move or budge until I get it.”

That said, Ciara has vowed that she won’t be as rigid when it comes to love. She’s no longer going to set a timeline on when her relationships move to the next level. For example, Ciara is being pretty loose about when she’ll introduce men to her son.

“I think it’s just all about when it feels right,” Cici said, adding that she used to be very strict about her love life. “You never know. I’m not going to put a time limit on when I can or can’t do something.”

One thing she does seem to be clear on? Her next man probably won’t have anything to do with the music game. “Never say never,” she said, noting that she’s still open to the idea of dating within the industry. “I think you gotta switch it up a little bit.”


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