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“Who does he look like?” Befuddled by his question, everyone quickly darts their eyes towards Gunplay‘s publicist, Peter Kadin. “Look at him and tell me who Peter looks like,” Gunplay asks again. Baffled by his question, I smile, and say, “Peter Parker?” He lets off a huge laugh and says, “This dude looks just like John Mayer!” Laughter ensues, and Gunplay lets off a bright smile which encapsulates the moment between he and his team.

After enduring years of numerous setbacks marred by legal issues and label disputes, Richard Morales Jr. is in a happier place. Prior to releasing his album, Living Legend, Gunplay was a in a mental tug-a-war with himself. A fiery artist with a short fuse, Gunplay found himself entrenched in a slew of skirmishes, most notably with 50 Cent back in 2012. In addition to that, he watched his MMG label-mates leapfrog him and release solo projects, while he blankly watched on the sidelines awaiting his opportunity.

Instead of lashing out and questioning his long-time friend, Rick Ross on his business acumen, Gunplay meticulously crafted his life story. The mercurial star injected doses of candor mixed with bravado and scripted an album to be proud of. With poignant bangers in the form of “Only 1,” “Wuzhanindoe,” and “Chain Smokin,”” he has proven he’s a formidable artist on his own accord.

Here’s part one of our interview with Gunplay as speaks on the beauty of patience and his new album, Living Legend.




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