John Boehner Cowers Under Pressure As Republicans Push Harder To Defund Planned Parenthood

Speaker of the House John Boehner...

Source: Bill Clark / Getty

Republicans in the House are becoming more aggressive than ever in pushing Speaker John Boehner to confront President Barack Obama over taking away government funding from Planned Parenthood. Boehner has long been a vocal advocate for the pro-life movement, but the immense pressure he’s receiving from his fellow conservatives could topple his authority in Congress.

What’s at stake is a short-term spending bill that’s headed towards the Senate. Republicans are demanding that the notes in the bill designating money for Planned Parenthood be taken out, a move that would undoubtedly never pass in the Senate. If the two political parties don’t come to an agreement on what should be included in the bill, America could be looking at yet another government shut down.

Now, Boehner is posed with the dilemma of delaying the Planned Parenthood fight to keep the government functioning—a move that could lose him some serious street cred with his fellow Republicans. Or he could join the Republicans in their stubborn demands in modifying the country’s spending to align with their pro-life beliefs—a fight that he and his party will most likely lose. Read more on the issue at the New York Times.

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