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The Carolina Panthers’ winning record has brought a lot of attention to the franchise. It seems like the more they win, the more expectations everyone has of them – especially the fans. One fan is hoping that this winning season will not only bring a Super Bowl Championship to the 15-1 Panthers, but that it will also bring a new fight song.

In an open letter to Petey Pablo, a Panthers’ fan, who is only identified by his online handle @trolleywalk, asks the Greenville, NC native to remix his song “Raise Up” to make it the official fight song for the Carolina Panthers. @trolleywalk believes the current Panthers’ fight song is not fitting for the team that the Panthers’ has become and shares why in part of his letter to Petey:

A truly great team needs a truly great fight song and the Panthers’ current song is…less than great. It’s not that it’s too corny. Corny can be good.

It’s that it isn’t old-timey enough to be endearing, and not catchy enough to be enjoyable. It’s like drinking a milkshake that has melted to room temperature. It’s still tasty and contains the right mix of ingredients, but you can just imagine how great it would be if it was just a little bit better.

Head over to Carolina Agenda to read the full letter and the proposed lyrics to the remixed song.

What do you think? Should Petey remake the song and should the Panthers’ make it the official fight song?