Black History Month- Landing Pages
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I love being a black American. From the various hues of our skin to the depths of the creativity that flows from our souls, I can’t think of any other race of which I’d rather be a member. For many, blacks aren’t truly American. Our humanity and civil rights have been challenged since we were forcefully brought to American shores. We are constantly having to remind people that #blacklivesmatter and that we are truly American – and we have our own culture that is rooted in African and American cultures. While many of us can’t name the exact country or tribe that connects us to the Motherland, we all have qualities that are reminiscent of the Africans. We also have customs that are very much American. The collective of our African roots and American customs manifest themselves in our fashion, the way we talk, the way we interpret the world around us and in our food. These things combined create our black American culture. Black American culture is real and it’s #thedamntruth.

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