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Rapper Curren$y is known for his heavy smoking abilities… One thing that the New Orleans native does not indulge in is lean. During a recent episode of the Drink Champs podcast Spitta Andretti describes how he drank some of Lil Wayne’s purple stuff and almost died.

Curren$y opens up and tells the story of how he simply tried to grab a drink from the refrigerator and mistakenly picked up more than he asked for.

“Spitta, you probably about to die,” Wayne told him as he walked onto the bus. Yup, in his desperate quest to quench his thirst, Spitta downed a bottle of what he thought was regular purple punch, and ended up getting super duper high. “Mack [Maine] was like, ‘bro, go lay down man, you look ridiculous.’ So I went to the rack and woke up in Miami on the bus by myself,” Spitta remembers. “They just left me on the bus. They was like, ‘yo, we really was scared. We thought you might have been done.’”

Just say no kids!

Here are a few pics of Curren$y in good health