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We have seen many injustices come to light in the country of late. Some hitting home namely, regressive voting restrictions and HB2. Ben & Jerry of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream are use their brand voice and power to back one of the fighting figures against such injustices.

On May 17th, Ben & Jerry’s reveals EmpowerMint, the new flavor created in support of the NAACP fighting against voting injustices happening locally.

During the unveiling of the new flavor many city officials and local activists spoke on plans for changes. Probably one of the most notable voices on the platform was Reverend Barber. The Reverend spelled out the many actions that seem to be taking America backwards in terms of being a country for the people, by the people. His deepest concern at the unveiling was the voting restrictions practiced by North Carolina.

In a later interview Ben spoke to the meat and potatoes of why backing the NAACP as a way to get more voters to the ballets is important.

The HB2 (House Bill 2) also known as the Bathroom Bill, in short, says that transgender people must use the bathroom that match their biological gender and that local government doesn’t not have to accommodate transgender citizens. It also addresses the protection of rights at work. Click here to read the bill.

Take a peak at the photos from the event and the video of Ben & Jerry addressing why the movement is important below.

Ben & Jerry’s Reveals A New Flavor For NAACP
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