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Grosse Pointe South High School Principal Moussa Hamka distributed an email on Wednesday to inform the school’s community about a new racist video circulating on social media, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The email – sent to students, parents, and teachers at South High School – stated that three students from the school were among a group of local teenagers from the mostly White suburban Detroit community who appeared in the video.

Just three months after a previous incident, Hamka discussed how school administrators are responding to what he called a “deplorable” video that violates the school’s code of conduct:

“Immediately after being made aware of the situation, South administration began contacting students and families (and) making appropriate decisions regarding consequences for those involved, including student separations from school.”

The Free Press interviewed Melba Dearing, a Black student who viewed the video. She said it shows the White students interviewing each other about what they would do to Black people if elected U.S. president in 2040. Dearing described one exchange:

“One of the answers was they should send Black people back to Africa. And they said the only states where African-Americans could go would be Maine and North Dakota and … Idaho, but then one said, ‘Oh no, I like Idaho potatoes. Don’t say that.’”

It’s unclear how school officials will handle this latest act of bigotry. In March, the students who appeared in a photo with the N-word written on their stomachs received one-week suspensions.

This pattern of racist behavior raises concerns for many in Grosse Pointe, according to the newspaper.

Greg Bowens, the co-founder of the local NAACP branch, told the Detroit Free Press that he hopes the students learn a valuable lesson from this teachable moment and “avoid making the same mistakes as adults.”

He’s also encouraged by the school’s firm rebuke of the behavior.

SOURCE: Detroit Free Press | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty 


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