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Officer Tommy Norman has been gained popularity since the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Norman, a North Little Rock (AR) police officer, started to bubble on Facebook with videos of him out in the community engaging with the residents in the community he polices. Norman has developed deep relationships with the residents, young and old, and is being heralded as the perfect example of community policing. His  love for the community, which he displays on his Facebook and Instagram pages has even gotten celebrities to take notice. Many celebrities have posted about Officer Norman, but one decided to go even further to help Officer Norman continue to have a positive impact on the community.

The Game posted on his Instagram page that he is helping raise money for Officer Norman at the request of his son.

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Good morning beautiful people… Yea, all of you… I hope you woke up feeling as good as I have knowing that you are blessed to see another day.. That alone should set you on the right path…… If you didn't tune in yesterday: I had conversations with my oldest son @hvrlemtaylor about good cops & bad ones & he did his research & found officer @tnorman23's page & i was touched by how active he is in the black community where he polices. My son said, how does he help all of these kids & stuff, is he rich ??? I said I don't know if he's rich but sometimes it doesn't take much to help those in need son…… Being that my son is on vacation with his mother visiting relatives in Atlanta, Arkansas & Louisiana he wanted to do something for officer @tnorman23 in Little Rock so he delevoped a #GoFundMe to try & raise $50,000 & in 1 day were well over 1/2 way there…. so that officer @tnorman23 can continuously stuff his trunk with toys, goodies, food & other things to help him continue contributing to the kids & people in Little Rock Arkansas….. (& BEFORE SOMEONE NEGATIVE PUTS IT IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, YES I COULD'VE GIVEN THE 50K MYSELF BUT THAT WOULDVE STOLEN THE JOY OUT OF MY SONS IDEA & HIS COMMITMENT & DEDICATION FOR SOMETHING & SOMEONE HE FELT TOUCHED BY). The 1st donation was made by me !!!!!!!! Not only am I proud of my son for taking initiative, I'm thankful that I've raised him with such a pure heart regardless of the negativities he's seen me over come…… So please CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO & donate anything as small as $1 to the officers mission & together we will help a good soul continue being a super role model for other law enforcement & a life saver for the children of tomorrow…… As soon as the $50,000 goal is reached… The funds will then be transferred from my @therobinhoodproject account by my charity's manager @ilndprncss to officer @tnorman23. "It takes a village to raise a child" & this good cop is going the extra mile for a lot of young African American children… #BlackLivesMatter to more than just #BlackLives #AGoodSonForAGoodCop #StayCommitted [Tag people !!!!]

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That’s what’s up! Thanks to The Game for showing love and using his platform to help improve the community.

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