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Donald Trump has said on numerous occasions he is going to do well with African-American voters in the general election.

On Wednesday’s edition of NewsOne NowCorrogan Vaughn, a Maryland GOP delegate, and James Evans, a Republican delegate from Utah, spoke with Roland Martin about why they have decided to throw their support behind Trump.

Vaughn explained he is not supportive of Hillary Clinton because he cannot deal with a “candidate who only comes to our churches one time a year and says ‘I don’t feel no ways tired.’”

He believes Clinton only cares about the African-American community because the 2016 presidential election is just around the corner.

Martin asked Vaughn if Trump has visited Black churches. The Black Republican responded that Trump “has come to some of our churches,” and said, “He gets a bad rap from liberal media concerning [he] hates people of color, he is a xenophobe, he is a homophobe.

“Let me be very clear, he’s been a friend of mine for over seven years.”

James Evans believes that Trump is the choice for African-Americans because based on policy, Democrats have not delivered.

“When you look at the policies that have been proposed by Democrats, that have been implemented by Democrats, many of them have decimated our communities. So we have to ask ourselves now, is there another option, or should we make another option?” said Evans.

He added, “It can no longer be just Democrats.”

Despite the respect he has for President Barack Obama, the Republican delegate from Utah said, “The Black community has not gotten better.

We have to open our minds to the opportunities, perhaps in other parties,” he concluded.

When asked, neither of the two Black Republicans were able to detail specifics of Donald Trump’s plan to address issues important to the Black community.

Evans told Martin, “The specifics of the Democrats have not worked for us, so what we should be asking ourselves is, how come those specifics have not worked?”

Watch Corrogan Vaughn and James Evans’ responses to Roland Martin’s questions in their entirety in the video clip above.


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