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Love and Hip-Hop New York is back for season seven shenanigans.


The episode opens with Cardi B, who is poppin’ in these streets. Since her debut last season, life has been good, but we knew that already. However, this time around she’s dealing with her producer, Swift. It’s a flirtation at the moment, but Swift is looking to get physical. The problem is, Swift has a girlfriend in London and hasn’t mentioned that to Cardi, nor does his girl know that he’s pushing up. The drama that will follow when these women find out that Swift is trying to play them will be epic!


The creep squad is back together. Rich Dollaz and DJ Self met up first to catch up. Rich claims he’s giving up that creep life because he’s getting old, and he needs something stable.


Cisco then came through because he and Richie D have put their beef behind them, and then we meet Felicia “Snoop” Pearson (Snoop from The Wire), who came up from Baltimore to kick it in these NY streets. She has a girlfriend, who just so happens to be “So Hood” (J. Adrienne) from season one of Real Chance of Love (who looks a lot different now that she has discovered a better grade of weave hair, probably body enhancements, and lots of highlighting and contouring aka Instagram makeup class).


P.S. Rest in Peace Real, but I digress.

Felicia claims she’s not a creep, but it’s starting to look like she’s about to make history as the first female member of the Creep Squad. You know the ones who deny being a creep the hardest are the worst! We’re watching her. So is So Hood.


Yandy is back, and while Mendeecees is locked up, she’s trying to handle her business and get things in order with his baby’s moms. First up is Samantha, Lil’ Mendeecees’ mom. They’re not on good terms. Samantha has been keeping Lil’ Mendeecees from Yandy and his other brothers (it had been three months at that point), so Yandy reached out to see if they can get on the same page. Samantha claims that Yandy is a fraud and that she needs to stop pretending to be the perfect stepmom while making her look like the bitter ex. There’s also frustration on Yandy’s part because Lil’ Mendeecees isn’t allowed to visit his father in prison (womp womp). The conversation wasn’t productive at all.

We’re not sure which woman’s version of the story is the truth, but one thing that’s certain is the truth is in there somewhere. Who do you believe? All I’m saying is, all of a sudden Samantha has a problem with Yandy? It was all good just a couple of seasons ago when Lil’ Mendeecees was all up in almost every scene with Yandy and Big Mendeecees. Way to reach for a storyline, Sam.


Juelz Santana and Kimbella are back. Yay! She’s still pretty, but in a…got a lot of work done kind of way. Anyway, they’re in a good space right now, but the elephant in the room is Juelz’s past cheating. Kimbella is obsessing over the possibility of him cheating again, which will probably happen because we’ve seen this a million times before. There’s also the fact that Kimbella and Yandy had a falling out. They haven’t spoken since Yandy’s wedding and went from best friends to zero real quick. Later on, Juelz meets up with Yandy to encourage her to meet up with Kimbella to talk out their differences. According to Yandy, Kimbella hadn’t ben there for her when she needed her most. Hold that though.

Remy Ma and Papoose have come back to display a little positivity on the #BlackLove tip. Their relationship in love and in business is going strong, but Pap still wants a baby. Meanwhile, Remy isn’t ready to compromise her body and time just yet, especially since her career is just starting to heat up again. Remy did promise Pap a baby within the next year or so, but she backtracked. Pap is handling it gracefully for now, but this could be a problem.

Back to Yandy and Kimbella. The episode ended with them discussing their lack of friendship, and what caused the falling out. They got all teary eyed and dramatic about who wasn’t there for who, but eventually made peace. All is right with the ratchet world for now.

See you next week!


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