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White & Black Girls

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It’s difficult enough to be a biracial child living in America today, but it’s even more tough when your parents can’t understand your struggle either.

One White mom went viral following her conversation with her child’s Black father about their daughter’s new braided hairstyle. Dad Nick Harris took to Facebook to make sure he wasn’t tripping and that the response she sent him was overtly racist. He posted a series of photos of text message convos he and his baby mama had about their daughter’s hair, with the caption, “So I don’t really like to bring my drama to Fb . But I’m just curious if I’m crazy or if anyone else has ever dealt with a similar situation . I need advice #racismdisgustsme #ifyoumadeititsyours

The mom kicked off the convo, pretty pissed about her daughter’s new braids, saying, “No, she looks black and she’s not! I’m taking it out. I hate that sh*t.”

The outrageous, racist rhetoric didn’t stop there. Angrily, the mom added, “I hate it. My kid is more white in my eye not fully black so she don’t need that ugly hairstyle.”

Like the old saying goes, guys, be careful who you have children with, because her mindset will raise your kids, not her body and good looks.

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