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We were all patiently waiting for Nicki to drop her diss track after Remy Ma Shether’d her! Well now that everyone and their mamma has heard ‘No Frauds’ ft, Wayne & Drake, people were underwhelmed by Nicki’s verse and some are even going as far to say that Remy won. Check out part of Nicki’s verse:

Well here are my top 3 reasons why Nicki messed up with this beef:

3. Nicki took way to long to respond back to Remy’s multiple diss records! With any great rap beef, the rappers take at most a few days to respond to their formidable opponent!  The buzz died down so the sense of urgency from the public wasn’t there.

2. Nicki was more concerned about going commercial instead of focusing on the KILL! Now, I will say that Nicki was thinking with her business mind and took into consideration that the record can be played on the radio for years to come BUT come on, we want blood Nicki! FINISH HER!

And the #1 mistake Nicki made was BRINGING TWO BOYS (Wayne & Drake) TO BEAT UP A GIRL! Remy came to the fight alone, no help! Nicki, why did you feel the need to involve Drake AND Weezy on the track? Drakes verse was OK at best and Weezy would of been better off yelling ‘YOUNG MOO-LAH BABY” in the back ground.

All-in-all, Nicki is still one of the best to do it but i think Remy has now opened our eyes and ears to what beef is supposed to taste like, rare with a lot of salt!