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NBA star J.R. Smith is shooting down claims being made from a teenager who sued him over an alleged assault outside of a New York pizza restaurant. According to Smith the man refuses to turn over his medical records and claims that he is simply being exploited.

On April 28th, J.R. fired off a letter to the court accusing the alleged victim of refusing to follow the court order and blasts the “frivolous” lawsuit as nothing more an attempt by the teen and his lawyer to exploit a professional basketball player and take money from him.

J.R. explains he has complied with the court order but accuses the plaintiff of failing to authorize the release of his medical records by last month. He says the plaintiff’s lawyers even refused to discuss the issues with his lawyers and has not even responded to any of their attempts to reach them.

He says these actions have caused him to incur the costs and expense of defending himself in this case … which he says the plaintiff apparently has no interest in prosecuting

Apparently 19-year-old Justin Brown sued Smith for an attack and demanded over $2.5 million in damages from Smith for emotional distress, pain and humiliation.

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