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Former Green Bay Packers running back Ahman Green was arrested this week after his 15-year-old daughter called the police on him and reported that her dad punched her in the face after an argument over chores. Green told cops a different story to police officers thought.

The ex-GB Packers RB was arrested Monday morning after cops responded to his Wisconsin home at 11:26 AM following a 911 call from a neighbor. According to the complaint, Ahman’s daughter says the 2 had been arguing all day long about chores — she did not want to wash the dishes — and tension mounted between her and Ahman. Things came to a head, according to Green’s daughter, when the ex-NFL star grabbed her, threw her to the ground and up against the kitchen cabinets … before punching her in the face. When cops arrived, officers noticed her left eye was “swollen, slightly black and blue, and had 2 minor scratches.” But Ahman tells a different story — sorta. According to the report, Ahman admits they were arguing, and things got physical. But insists he did not punch her. Instead he says he “slapped her upside the head” — and her glasses caused the damage to her face. He also admits he pushed her during the argument.

He has since been charged with felony child abuse and disorderly conduct. What do you think? Is this a case of a parent going too far, or was he just physically disciplining his child?

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