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Lil Fizz Dreux begins tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood with a powwow with Safaree and, wait for it…Bobby Brown! Yup, that Bobby Brown. Bobby “the King of R&B according to Whitney Houston” Brown. Basically, Lil Fizz Dreux feels like it’s time to reunite B2K, but he’s skeptical about them actually wanting to reunite. Bobby Brown suggests Lil Fizz Dreux move forward with trying to get the group back together and get at tour together, which could mean major bank.

Later on, Lil Fizz Dreux takes this convo to J-Boog first, but it’s looking like a hard no. J-Boog is the VP of a film company and feels like B2K could be bad for business if it’s not done right. He thinks it’s impossible to get the group back together and he has a good point. Raz-B is living in China and probably not down, especially if you remember his series of rants against B2K and it’s then manager, and Omarion definitely isn’t down because he still has hopes of becoming a solo superstar. However, Lil Fizz Dreux plans to talk to Omarion anyway to see what’s up (both Fizz and J-Boog are okay with moving forward without Raz-B). J-Boog says he can’t entertain this seriously until he knows where Omarion stands. Game on.


Now we’re at a pool party where Hazel-E makes another thirsty reach for attention. Basically, she demands to know why Booby didn’t acknowledge her at his showcase and “tried to act like he didn’t know her.” He looks confused and says that he said hello and gave her a hug. But then she takes it to another level and demands to know why he’s acting like they never had sex and hung out. Booby looks even more confused and claims he never had sex with her. Hazel gets pissed and tries to position herself on top by saying that she hit it and quit it and has text messages to prove it.


Booby still looks confused. Meanwhile Lyrica, Bridget Kelly, Zell Swag, and Alexis Skyy are watching tea.

Hazel gets so salty that she throws water in Booby’s face but security nabs her before it can escalate further. Booby suggests she “stop lying on her vagina” as she storms off angrily. She ends up  with Alexis and Lyrica, the latter whom has more frustrating news. Lyrica reveals that Ray J is only working with Hazel because he lost the sperm count bet initiated by Safaree. Hazel is pissed and of course has to put on more of a show, claiming she has plans for phony Ray J and Safaree (A1 is off the hook because he wanted nothing to do with the bet).  


Now we’re at Chanel West Coast’s event. She debuted the  video for the song she did with Safari. Misster Ray was kind enough to put the event together, but he also did what he does–gets messy and unprofessional. Basically,  Misster Ray, Alexis Skyy and Lyrica start going back and forth with each other over whatever their stupid beef is over. That’s when  Solo Lucci steps in and shuts it down. He tells Misster Ray to be professional for once in his life, and stop popping off at events he organized. Then he explains that they’re supposed to be giving good vibes to his “bae.”

He called Chanel his bae!

And of course that doesn’t go over well with Alexis Skyy. Alexis then starts coming for Chanel who really was just minding her business. Then she gets at Solo, but like, why is she mad though? They broke up, and given her current circumstances, she was probably still in love with Fetty Wap and waiting for her chance to get knocked up with a revenge-against-Masika-baby anyway.


Now check this scandal…

Remember how Booby was supposed to take Brooke to Catalina for a romantic weekend? Brooke cancelled on him because she’s tryna get back with Marcus. As a result, Booby slid up in Bridget’s DMs to see if she’s down to go, and she is (she and James broke up)!



Bridget’s theory is that if she takes Booby out of the equation then she’s doing Brooke and Marcus a favor.


Meanwhile, Brooke goes to Marcus’ mom’s bbq to discuss where they are. They lay everything out on the table, apologize for hurting each other, exchange “I love you’s,” and move on together.

Fast forward to Catalina.

Booby and Brooke are getting along really well. It’s not clear whether they have sex or not, but cameras definitely catch them sharing a passionate kiss. They’re most likely going to go further than that, and based on the preview of next week’s episode we’ll find out for sure.


Hazel-E finally has her moment to confront Safaree about starting the bet. Safaree wants to know why she’s so tight about that considering that the song came out dope. Hazel, being the extra thirst bucket that she is, tells him to stop playing with her name and then drops a bag of dildos on the table and struts away (gotta keep that storyline going). Safaree is still unbothered and questions if the dildos are  molds of her nose.


Hazel’s not done though. She plans to confront Ray J next, we’ll probably see that next week too.  

The episode concludes with Booby and Brooke having a little chat. Brooke says she needs to cut him off. They keep it cute and end on good terms. They actually end on really good terms by sharing one last passionate goodbye kiss.  

But Brooke still doesn’t know about Bridget Kelly yet.


That revelation is going to be juicy.


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