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Monday, Bronx native, Cardi B, posted a photo on her Instagram that has West Coast gangstas highly upset! In the picture, Cardi is sporting a blue fur coat with the caption “I hate wearing flue but this coat was too poppin.”

Now we all know Cardi has been known to have lyrics associated with the blood gang (i.e. bloody shoes), however this time her use of F instead of B in her post has caused some serious backlash. According to TMZ, Cardi B has been receiving death threats, to the point where she’s turned off her Instagram comments all together.

One user wrote, “[CardiB] this will not be accepted #DONTCOMETOLA.” While another user posted “Now why would you go do this f**k s***t Cardi. This is literally WestCoast Suicide… b**ch betta get neutral.”
The crazier thing is, all of this is taking place just weeks before Cardi is scheduled to go to L.A for the NBA All-Star Weekend.
Let hope all of this cools down before Cardi hits L.A!

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