Looks like Trey Songz is in some hot water after being accused of hitting a woman that he was partying with, during All-Star weekend. According to law enforcement the woman filed a report stating she was hit by the singer on Saturday night, while they were attending a party in the Hollywood Hills.

She claims Trigga was upset over her talking to another man, which began an argument that resulted in him hitting her. She then says she left the party by herself to go the hospital and soon after spoke with police about the incident. Sources say her injuries were minor, however the case will be reviewed by the L.A. City Attorney to determine if Trey will be charged.

Trey was recently sued in December for smacking a phone out of a woman’s hands at a strip club in Philly.

So Live Squad, y’all remember Trey Songz did an event with Autumn-Joi Live, in January. Well get ready for this tea! At the event, of course all the females were going crazy over the sex symbol, but there were a few guys in the mix  too. So, during his performance one of the guys in the crowd got into an altercation with one of Trigga’s fans, who was a woman. Trigga, immediately stopped the music and called the guy a “pussy” and told him he should be “in here getting females not fighting them.” Looks like Trigga should have took his own advice, but I’ll let you all decide, Live Squad!

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