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“Basketball Wives” stars, Evelyn Lozada and Shaunie O’Neal, recently dropped by Van Lathan’s “The Red Pill Podcast.” During the show, Van the two ladies were asked, “Let’s say you are stranded. No money, no food, no nothing, in the middle of nowhere. You got your cell phone, and you got the number of your exes on the cell phone. Which one are you going to call? Which one do you have the most faith in” and Live Squad, Evelyn’s answer has a lot of people’s mind blown!

Now we all know Evelyn has a few exes to pick from. There’s Antoine Walker, Chad Johnson, and the father of her son ex MLB star, Carl Crawford. Surprisingly, Evelyn revealed that she would call her ex Chad Johnson and to top it off Shaunie cosigned her answer. She said, “Chad, and not that I don’t have faith in Carl, Carl would be there, but we’re talking about if my life is on the line.

If you don’t remember, Evelyn and Chad had a pretty nasty break up after their marriage, that lasted a little over a month. There was even a domestic violence indecent, which eventually led to their divorce. Evelyn says she’s not sweeping all of what happened under the rug or ignoring their happening, but she also says based on the question that is the answer she would choose.