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Another video of a police officer assaulting a young black man, this time outside of a Waffle House, has now gone viral.

Anthony Wall had just finished taking his 16-year-old sister to prom, when they stopped to eat at a Warsaw, NC Waffle House. While there it is reported that Anthony got into an argument with the staff and police were called.

Upon police arriving, video footage shows Anthony being choked and slammed by an officer who is reported to be named Frank Moss. During an interview with the News & Observer, Wall said, “I was pretty much trying to scream, for air and trying to breathe because he was holding my throat and that’s when I got aggressive with him because you ate choking me.” He also added that his hands were up in the air while the officer was choking him.

People are now calling for the African American community to boycott Waffle House and place complaints with the Warsaw Police department, in regards to Officer Moss’ behavior. Check back for updates, #LiveSquad.