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Queen Naija

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Queen Naija on her first headlining tour, pregnant. She is the beautiful mother of CJ with Renzo on the way. She is still performing with no excuses at seven months pregnant.

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The young mother, and blessed singer is flourishing through her tour, with now nineteen cities to go after North Carolina. While she hits Platinum with her hit song Medicine and Karma now Gold.

The Detroit native , has plans for her next album already, saying she would love to work with , Cardi B and Big Sean in the future.

Queen Naija and Clarence have that relationship, that has become 2018 Top 5 Relationship Goals!

Yes, social media is the waive of the world and everyone loves a great love story. The world gets to see Queen Naija and Clarence build their family, grow as a couple , and succeed.

How these two do it, is amazing and the world is rooting for their continued success. She says, “Clare be lecturing me all the time “it’s not about you, it’s about the baby!” Lol… but I act like a baby. He’s right tho.”

Queen Naija has become the ambassador of every moment you have in life, from being happy, sad, and falling in love. Her music is like every diary entry of a young girl. She expresses all of her emotion in a God-given voice and continues to touch the hearts of every individual that feels like she relates to them.

“I don’t wanna fall so fast But I’m open. They always say that good things never last. And I know ’cause I’ve been broken

I’m tryin’ to protect my heart. But you’re making it so hard. And I guess it’s safe to say

You take my pain away”

-Queen Naija (Butterflies)

Queen Naija On Tour Pregnant
Queen Naija
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