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Leikeli 47

Source: @victoriasaidit / Victoria

Leikeli 47 came to grace the K 97.5 studio. She came across a young fan that was eager to tell her that he listens to her music. Dropping gems for the young artist and encourages him to keep working.

With her latest project Acrylic, successfully being on the Insecure soundtrack, and making her mark on the industry. Autumn-Joi dug into how she continues to set herself apart in the industry saturated in colorism and sexism.

The masked rapper, defines continues to prepare for this new attention, but lets people know she’s a very private person.

She wants people to learn about her though her music, like Girl Blunt, where she explains how the scene she was in when she was inspired to create the lyrics like , ” This shit is a girl blunt. I only smoke girl blunts. This shit is a girl blunt. I only smoke girl blunts. I suggest you don’t try me

I’m real unstable when I’m off that YG. Have to tell them friends don’t mind me. I stand 5’3″ and I’m real feisty. What I need? Pretty nigga, palm trees. Got my own money, bitch, it’s nothing you can buy me. Nope, Crooklyn, baby, we can take it there. And if they want smoke we can put it in the air, yeah ”