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Bennett College is a Historically Black College for women in North Carolina. Bennett is the sister school to Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA and is just for women. Founded in 1873 as a coed school but in 1926 became a four-year college for women now is on the verge of closing its doors forever.

Located in Greensboro, NC, the private school has been the graduated many accomplished women. Ladies from the school were part of the architects of the 1960’s Greensboro Four Sit-In. Now there is a big push from the alumnus and celebrities to help the school stay open.

North Carolina has the second most HBCU in the country with 11 schools. NC originally had 12 until Kittrell College closed in 1975. Although Bennett is a small school that currently has 508 students, it is a powerful liberal arts college. Dr. Phyllis Dawkins, college president says the institute needs at least $5 million by February to keep its doors open. Donations have been coming in. They have raised a half a million dollars in a month but they still need a lot more. The goal can be met.

Please support! You can donate to Bennett College at Bennett.edu/StandWithBennett.