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Georgia, Andersonville, The Confederate battle flag is still proudly flown in downtown, despite the town's notorious civil war history it still insists on calling itself a Civil War village.

Source: Steve Schaefer / Getty

Recently, a video from a North Carolina artist dropped his latest “hit”, Let The White Kids Say Nigga  with the artist sporting the Confederate flag as a cape. His song starts off ,” Nigga, thats just a word, a word only has as much power as you put into it”

The beat drops and he says, ” They probably gone say it anyway, they already say it everyday. White girls, I ain’t trippin boo. White man be my nigga too”.

The controversial video struck many comments,  addressing the people of North Carolina. People flooded the comments on another instagram post in regards to the artist being from North Carolina, saying, ” North Carolina ??? Y’all got serious work to do”.

9th Wonder; rapper, lecturer, DJ, and NC native spoke out to say, “North Carolina is a state containing 100 Counties. Yes. 100 Counties. Fayetteville is different from Winston-Salem, is different form Raleigh, is different from Durham…”

He list the many Counties and continues to make a point, “stop letting one person define an entire state with multiple cities fam”.

Not finished with his original comment from the Let The White Kids Say Nigga post. He takes it to his instagram to complete his statement. Highlighting the differences; 9th Wonder says , “Different slang, different everything. From the 252, 336, 704, 919, 910, 828, or any other new area code you may have……North Carolina is not a state with just ONE identity.”

He continues, “Pull up and find out. Shouts to all the cities I missed…Elm City, Tarboro, Laurinburg, Shallote, Roanoke Rapids, Clinton, MIDWAY, Hamlet, Garrisburg, Ahoskie…..Whiteville, New Bern, Lumberton, Red Springs…Thomasville, Reidsville, Burlington…man….we’re all different.”

In my opinion,  this one person does not speak for the many that represent North Carolina. These are just the actions of an individual that is from a part of the state that this is ok with black people loving the Confederate flag. Not saying I agree, but if you watch the video on mute , it will tickle your soul.

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