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Steven Lawton

#KimK said she’s going to secure ALL of her bags. The model and wife of #KanyeWest plans to become a lawyer and take her bar exam by next year, 2020!

During her interview with Vogue, she shared that she’s been keeping this a secret but has been studying for the exam for about a year now. She is currently enrolled in a four year apprenticeship with a San Francisco law school that she can legally take the bar exam through.

In the state of California, they offer the opportunity to do an apprenticeship as an alternative option to law school. So it is not mandatory that #Kim attends law school to become a lawyer.

Many wonder why? Why does #KimKardashian want to be a lawyer? Many assume its her recent dealing with helping people in prison including Alice Johnson, a woman who was falsely accused of a crime and spent time in prison for it.

We wish Kim the best during her studies and hope her plans unfolds for her best interest.