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The Migos have partnered with Popeyes and Uber Eats to create a brand new menu. The partnership will created the “Migos Menu”. Customers will be able to order for menu items from the Popeyes menu and have Uber Eats deliver it directly to them.

Each menu item is centered around the Migos own personal orders at the restaurant. Each menu item will be named after a member of the group, and there will be also an item called the Tour Rider which is meant to feed large groups of people. The Migos menu will also come with several sides and desserts.

Check out the menu options below.

Tour Rider (starting at $46.99 USD): 20 tenders, 7 sauces, 1 large mashed potatoes with gravy, 2 large fries, 5 biscuits, 1-gallon lemonade

The Offset ($21.99 USD): 8 pieces BIC chicken meal, 1 large fries, 1 large mashed potatoes with gravy, 4 biscuits

The Quavo (starting at $17.99 USD): 2 chicken sandwiches, 2 regular fries, 1 regular mashed potatoes with gravy, 2 apple pies, 2 small drinks

The Takeoff ($9.99 USD): 5 tenders, 2 sauces, 1 regular mashed potatoes, 2 biscuits, 1 apple pie

The Migos Menu will be available through Uber Ears until January 2, 2020.