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Source: @stretchd_34 / @stretchd_34

Rumors about the relationship between Money Bagg Yo and Ari Fletcher have been floating around for a while. The two were seen together leaving a concert in S. Carolina back in December and folks have been speculating about them being linked ever since.

In an interview with New York’s Hot 97 he was asked about the relationship and said:

“Yeah, we rockin’.” and added “What you see is what you get.”

TT Torez also asked him about the difference between this relationship and his previous one with Hot Girl Meg he said:

“I really don’t even be liking to put the media in the business, in the situation like that. Hopefully this situation can just go with the flow.”

He was also asked about another ex who he has been linked with. He said:

“At a point in time, time was served on that. That situation old. It don’t have nothing to do with… They’re trying to drag it… We’re on good terms, all the kids, all the baby mamas good, everybody happy. But they’re gonna try and drag that in a situation and make it something when it’s really not.”

See his comments at the 2:27 mark.