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Indique 2020 Hair Campaign

Source: Allen Cooley / Courtesy of Indique Hair

Indique Hair came on the market in 2007 with one game changer that differentiated their product within the industry: specifically sourced Indian hair, manufactured in their own factories, and shipped directly through their company to the United States. Indique Hair literally owns all parts of the production process. Many hair companies source from China or work with distributors and can’t guarantee the quality (or consistency) of their hair. In addition to this fact, Indique also took a customer first approach, beginning with a small boutique in SoHo, where consumers could get individualized attention, help and even hairstylist recommendations. This led to the company having an industry clientele consisting of celebrities, models, and high profile individuals who valued quality and service.

While Indique’s prices remain competitive within the field, their quality extends to their staff as well. Krishan Jhalani, Co-Founder and CEO of Indique discussed with Hello Beautiful the extra care that goes into the well being of their employees, “90% of the production is made by hand with the only machine component being the actual sewing machines (for stitching the hair on the tracks) and steam chamber (where drying/perming is undertaken). What’s important in handwork is to rotate the staff through the multiple steps of manufacturing so they don’t continuously perform the same tasks month in month out. This is to prevent any repetitive stress injuries. Many factories will skip this step because it costs more to rotate labor; however, our priority is to have healthy and happy employees.”

The company also provides colored hair and Jhalani openly shared, “Our staff uses protective gear, specifically gloves, aprons, and masks to shield themselves from the chemicals during the bleaching and dying process.” With Indique’s prices ranging from $149.00 to up to $275.00 for a bundle of hair and up to $699.00 for a pre-made wig, the price is reflective not only of a quality product for satisfied customers, but also created by satisfied, well-taken care of employees.

While the pricing has often kept Indique within the industry but not accessible to the everyday woman, they changed this with their 2020 campaign. First: the brand used regular women for their shoot in order to better identify with the everyday woman. Furthermore, they introduced a $49.00 price point with their Remix Collection. Ericka Dotson, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Indique revealed 2020 plans— “We introduced new products to our new Remix Collection that are more affordable and always on-trend.” This price point accessibility opens up the world of Indique to a broader customer base.

I had the privilege of modeling in the campaign and was able to see first hand that Indique is a close knit, small operation with a powerful industry impact electrified by Black women. Many of the employees have worked their for years and turnover isn’t high. Gabrielle Joffie, Brand Manager for Indique Hair, has been with the brand for a decade. She shared, “I met Ericka in 2010 and interviewed for an internship. I was fascinated with Indique’s story and how they were able to market such a unique product. My internship quickly turned into a full-time position with the marketing team. The ever evolving beauty industry and an incredibly creative team have allowed me to flourish with the brand and tap into my love for beauty and fashion.” Joffie has seen the brand grow from two boutiques to now 16 stateside and 3 overseas. As the brand has grown, so has her career.

Joyce Koomson, Associate Brand Manager, and Lead Hairstylist for the 2020 Campaign Shoot began her relationship with Indique through a college internship program. “The internship opened my eyes to the opportunities in the hair industry besides being behind the chair.” This led Koomson to enroll in cosmetology school after graduation and she became an employee of the brand in 2012, “right around the launch of the Angela Simmons collection,” she recollects. Dotson also showed confidence in Koomson, like she did with Joffie. Koomson explained that Indique “delegated me as lead hairstylist for Indique photo and video shoots very early on, something I didn’t think I had enough experience to execute. I learned that when you are doing something that you love and you’re team believes in your capabilities, anything is possible!”

While on set, I noticed how seamlessly everyone worked with each other. Dotson’s daughter, Skye Ward, has seen the brand grow from the very beginning (and has also modeled for the brand). She now serves as the team’s Content Coordinator. The room was filled with on the fly idea generation, mutual respect, and fun, all while focusing on the goal: creating a campaign to sell more hair and reach more customers. Dotson is most proud of the fact that Indique has “managed to maintain a quality product in an industry that is consistently changing.”

Want to see for yourself? See the hair up close as the 2020 campaign models share their favorite products from the brand and what they love most about Indique.

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