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Boxing icon Mike Tyson has officially broken his silence on the plane altercation with a fellow passenger on the recent episode of his Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson podcast.

As reported by VIBE, Co-host DJ Whoo Kid brought up the April 20 incident, saying, “Mike just came from a nightmare on the plane.” Tyson responded, saying that he will not be brought up on charges and that he acted in self-defense. ““He was f*cking with me man,” he responded.

NBA vet Matt Barnes (who was a guest on the episode, along with fellow player Stephen Jackson) praised the boxer for keeping a cool head, saying, “You kept your poise for a long time.” Tyson went on to describe his feelings about the altercation, saying that it left him feeling “triggered” because it made him resort to the violent outbursts that he often had in the past.

As previously reported, Tyson will not have charges pressed against him by the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office. However, the attacker-turned-victim, Melvin Townsend, may file a civil suit against Tyson in the future. Townsend did retain an attorney following the incident, but so far, there’s no word on whether he will take further legal action.

To check out the full story from Tyson’s view, you can watch the full episode below.