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Artificial intelligence robot

Source: zhengshun tang / GettyArtificial intelligence robot

Capitol Records is the first label to sign a rapper designed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many fans have their gripes about the manufactured rapper, especially its’ use of certain words. Check out the latest inside.

Robot rappers? When does technology become far too real? Capitol Records signs its first virtual AI rapper named FN Meka. It’s the world’s first augmented reality (AR) artist to sign with a major label. He already has over 10 million followers on TikTok and over a billion views as the platform’s top-performing “virtual being.”

FN Meka’s debut single “Florida Water” was released this week. The song is a collaboration with top-charting artist Gunna, who’s currently dealing with charges in a RICO case alongside fellow Atlanta artist Young Thug. The two are also joined by professional Fortnite player Clix on “Florida Water.”

FN Meka is voiced by a human, but everything else about his music is based on AI. According to KKTV, Capitol Records shared that the project is a mix of music, technology, and gaming culture.

Capitol Records says they are leading the charge in the evolution of music, referring to it as a “preview of what’s to come.”

One user shared a snippet from the AI rapper’s TikTok on Twitter excitedly sharing that, “AI rappers up next.” FN Meka proceeds to moonwalk virtually in front of a Gucci-wrapped Lamborghini.

Fans are worried about the outcome as labels are moving toward AI rapper signees. TDE music executive and artist D-DOT reposted a tweet sharing FN Meka’s music, saying “So not only did Capitol Records sign an artificial intelligent ‘rapper’…they programmed it to say ‘Nigga’ too?”

It’s getting spooky out here:

One Twitter user is wondering how the AI rapper label meeting went down:

Same, sis. Comment below with your thoughts on the new AI rapper trend.

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