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Rihanna fans, you’re not going to like this. heard from a music industry insider that R&B singer Rihanna’s US tour may be CANCELED – for POOR TICKET SALES!!

A few months ago Rihanna was having DIFFICULTY selling tickets to her concert (with pop star Ke$sha). Well last week, she announced that she would have to DROP dates in Arizona and in Dallas.

The insider told, “Rihanna’s people came up with some BS story that they were canceling the Arizona show because of some IMMIGRATION NONSENSE. That was a lie. It was because she couldn’t sell more than a third of the tickets.”

And according to’s snitch, the entire TOUR is in peril. The tipster explained, “The entire tour is starting to look like it willy LOSE money. 9 times out of 10, when promoters realize a tour is a money loser, it gets cancelled.”

Last week, Christina Aguilera’s, another artist with weaning popularity, had her concert CANCELED.

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