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Rick Ross has one of the strongest street singles of the year with the criminal-referencing ‘BMF (Blowing Money Fast)’ off his recent ‘Albert Anastasia EP.’ The track features a huge chorus that goes: “I think I’m Big Meech/ Larry Hoover/ Whippin work/ Hallelujah” — an inspirational boast that has caught the attention the Meech-affiliated Young Jeezy. Jeezy has responded by creating a new track called ‘The Real Blowing Money Fast (BMF)’ that features a guest spot from the famed Black Mafia Family leader directly from prison. Talk about raising the stakes.

Meech, real name Demetrius Flenory, opens the track with some cryptic spoken word from a penitentiary where he is serving 30 years to life for leading the famed multi-state criminal enterprise with hip-hop ties. While Jeezy threw out what appeared to be some veiled shots towards Ross by referring to his song as the “real” version and featuring an angry Meech warning against impostors and phonies, the gangster passed on a message to clarify his thoughts on Ross.

“I love the Rick Ross song!!,” said Meech in a message obtained by Young from Onsmash. “I heard it and that n—- went hard for me so let him know I appreciate it.”