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Getting your driver’s license is a big moment for many people. For students in Wake County, however, the process is being delayed.

Wake County is facing a backlog for driver’s education, causing unexpected waits. Signing up for driver’s ed can now take five months. That’s a lot longer than it should be, ideally just 8 to 12 weeks. The backlog is due to there being too much demand and not enough space.

This backlog issue isn’t new for the school system. They had to deal with similar problems back in 2022 when COVID-19 caused all sorts of disruptions. Now, they’re trying to figure out how to solve it again.

One idea on the table is to expand the contract with a driving school. By partnering with more schools, they hope to accommodate more students and reduce the waiting time. The school leaders will discuss the issue on Tuesday, but they won’t be making any decisions just yet. It’s a step in the right direction, though, towards getting those eager young drivers behind the wheel sooner rather than later.

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