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July 30th is the unofficial date that cheesecake lovers the world over celebrate National Cheesecake Day.

Diddy’s love for cheesecake became a permanent part of pop culture during his first season of Making Da Band when he sent a group of young Bad Boy hopefuls walking to Brooklyn from Manhattan to pick up a cheesecake for him.

This left us wondering… which artist from Diddy’s current stable featured on the cover of the new issue of Vibe Magazine would be best suited for fetching cheesecake for the music mogul?

Rick Ross?

Look at him.  There’s no way Rick Ross is either A) walking from 54th and Broadway in Manhattan to Flatbush & Dekalb in Brooklyn or B) making it back to Diddy’s office without eating at least half of the cheesecake. Hey officer Ricky, if Diddy did choose you, bring some extra loot so you can buy a cake for yourself.

Janelle Monae?

We like Janelle far too much to see her make the trek to Junior’s Cheesecake in Brooklyn.  Janelle, if Diddy were to choose you, just keep in mind that there’s a Junior’s restaurant in Rockefeller Center.  But don’t tell any of the others we told you!

Dirty Money?

We’re certain Diddy is straying from his light-skinneded-women fetish and probably smashing Dawn when Cassie’s not around.  So Diddy just might send the ugly one (what’s her name, again?) to get some cheesecake.  Fetch, Rover…

Red Cafe?

Yeah, we’re certain most of you are like “Who is Red Cafe?”  The emcee with a little internet buzz is probably the least known out of all of the folks featured on Diddy’s Vibe cover, so that makes him a good candidate for picking up a strawberry cheesecake from Junior’s.


Would Diddy send his “main” woman to get cheesecake for him?  We doubt it.  Diddy will probably feed the cheesecake to her while she soaks in a bubble bath.  Well, at least that’s what we’d do…

So who should Diddy send out for Cheesecake?

The ugly one from Dirty Money (we know she has a name, we just like calling her “The Ugly One”) and Red Cafe should be Diddy’s dessert deliverers.  The Dirty Money girl could probably use her canine sense of smell to lead herself and Red Cafe over the Manhattan bridge and right to Junior’s front door!

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