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In his first interview from jail on Funk Master Flex’s radio show, Weezy said he calls Drake and Nicki about three to four times a week but they’ll only pick up about 1 time a week.

Although he isn’t fazed by it I know the rest of us wanto to know, have they bumped their heads?? I know they are busy, especially Nikki who is dropping her album soon titled, “Pink Friday,” but they shouldn’t bite the hands that made them sooo busy, BUT if they forgot I’m here as a reminder! BEFORE YOU GUYS MET WEEZY YOU Nicki WERE JUST A GIRL FROM NEW YORK AND you Drake were just AN ACTOR ON TEEN NICK…. DEGRASSI…. OKAY!?!?! But now that that is over, Wayne says he calls Mack Maine every single day and his kids, but he doesn’t like to call that many people because he doesn’t want to bother folks. Well Weezy you can call me. HOW BOUT THAT???

Surprisingly Weezy said that he hasn’t been listening to any music like we all would suspect. He has just been concentrating on his personal thoughts and sports, but we can expect The Carter IV sometime in November, and he said that he wants to work with Tek 9 and Andre 3 stacks. Weezy said he answer’s and reads alot of fan mail in jail, i’m sure he reads a TON!!!

Keep ya head up Weezy!