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Fabolous’ tour bus was stolen outside of a venue the rapper was performing in in Washington, DC last weekend.

The rapper says that the vehicle, parked next to the Secret Service building, was “stripped down like a Magic City dancer.”

From MTV.com:

“I had shows in D.C. this weekend. One of the turtle-top vans wound up getting stolen,” he continued. “I don’t know how, even the police were mind-boggled by it because it was parked right next to the Secret Service building. They found it though. It was stripped down like a Magic City dancer. It happens. I didn’t know people really go hard and steal cars like that. I think I tweeted, like, ‘Yo, do people really still steal cars?’ I thought that was something that kinda like fell off. What are you gonna do with a car after you steal it? Joyride? But I guess you can get some parts. But a turtle-top? You’re taking a big-ass van. Hopefully, it helped somebody out in their time of need.

“I was good,” Fab laughed, correcting the record about his personal mode of transportation. “Let’s not get that mistaken. I had another ride. But my boys, they were in a little jam. We figured it out, made a police report. I thought it got towed at first. But we figured it out, made a police report, came back to New York. I don’t fault D.C. for it. Your van can get stolen anywhere I guess. I always have fun in D.C. [though]. D.C. shows me a lot of love.”

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