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A federal appeals court ruled in favor of Eminem’s former production company last week and the ruling could mean more money for the Detroit rapper. According to the three judge panel, F.B.T. Productions LLC and Eminem are entitled to a 50-50 split with Universal Music Group, for recordings licensed to Apple Inc.’s iTunes and other digital distributors.

A federal jury ruled against F.B.T. last year when they initially filed the complaint and so far the record label, which functions under Vivendi, has only paid 12 percent of the net receipts. The case will now return to District Court where it will be determined how much Universal has to pay in damages.

The legal fight may not be over any time soon though; the record label has already announced plans to appeal the ruling and don’t expect this to lead to a slew of lawsuits from other artists either because according to UMG, this is a unique case.

“In the meantime, it should be noted that this ruling sets no legal precedent as it only concerns the language of one specific recording agreement,” said Peter Lofrumento, UMG spokesman.

Joel Martin, co-owner of the F.B.T. disagrees though, stating, “This potentially readjusts the economics between the artist and the record company, and that’s been long overdue.”

F.B.T. Productions signed Em to an exclusive deal in 1995, three years before he signed a deal with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Records.