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**UPDATED: 9:52 am, January 23, 2024**

Excerpt by paige.boyd

Seems like it was only yesterday when our favorite “regular-degular-schmegular” girl from the Bronx, Cardi B., made her grand debut into pop culture immortality with VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop and her 1st mainstream single, “Bodak Yellow.” In the years since, we’ve watch Bardi grow in front of our very eyes, becoming an award-winning rapper, a must-see performer, and one of the most-talked about people on social media (by fans and haters alike).

One thing has remained the same: her lyrics are as dangerous as her curves, and she’s not afraid to flaunt them both.

Yes, Cardi’s “Bodak Booty” has definitely been the center of attention from the very beginning, and even today, it sits pretty within the “upper echelon” of celebrity behinds.

So now, with rumors of a new album (and her recently-restored single status) floating around, we figured there’s no harm in taking a look back at her…well… back.

Check out our favorite 15 photos of Cardi B’s glorious backside below!

15 Photos Of Cardi B’s Bodak Booty Over The Years  was originally published on

1. Booty in Performance Mode

Booty in Performance Mode Source:Getty

2. Double Bronx Booties

3. 2024 New Year’s Booty

4. Bongos Booty

5. WAP Booty

6. Smiling booty

Smiling booty Source:Getty

7. Performing Booty

Performing Booty Source:Getty

8. TIDAL X Brooklyn booty

TIDAL X Brooklyn booty Source:Getty

9. Uncensored booty.

Uncensored booty. Source:Getty

10. Sexy booty.

Sexy booty. Source:Getty

11. BET booty.

BET booty. Source:false

12. From the front, booty.

From the front, booty. Source:false

13. Muy Caliente Booty

Muy Caliente Booty Source:Lourdes Sukari

14. Rainbow Booty

Rainbow Booty Source:WENN

15. Floral Booty

Floral Booty Source:WENN