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11 Photos Of Cardi B’s Booty  was originally published on globalgrind.com

1. WAP Booty

2. Smiling booty

Smiling booty Source:Getty

3. Performing Booty

Performing Booty Source:Getty

4. TIDAL X Brooklyn booty

TIDAL X Brooklyn booty Source:Getty

5. Uncensored booty.

Uncensored booty. Source:Getty

6. Sexy booty.

Sexy booty. Source:Getty

7. BET booty.

BET booty. Source:false

8. From the front, booty.

From the front, booty. Source:false

9. Muy Caliente Booty

Muy Caliente Booty Source:Lourdes Sukari

10. Rainbow Booty

Rainbow Booty Source:WENN

11. Floral Booty

Floral Booty Source:WENN