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If you turn on the news right now, horrific stories about bitter boyfriends, step fathers and men killing children are rampant, prompting discussions online about women avoiding warning signs. Cardi B took to her Twitter account to offer other mothers this advice,

A fan quickly pointed out that her tweet was problematic, to which Cardi responded,

Why is her tweet problematic? While women should be careful choosing their partners, of course, we don’t want to get into absolving men from accountability especially when they are murdering children to get back at women who are trying to leave them. Not to mention, the burden of parenting shouldn’t simply fall on the mother. Men should be responsible enough to watch a child without harming them. And bringing the devil into the conversation, though we have no doubts he is involved, diminishes mental health as a factor in these terrifying cases.

But it’s clear, some men are failing at this leaving mothers in protective and paranoid mode.

Cardi laughed at her fan’s concern, but they’re not joking. Not everyone found Cardi’s tweet problematic. See their polarizing responses, below:

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